Marine And Offshore Insight: December 2012


Monday, December 31, 2012

New year 2013 wish

The Globe made easy admin will like to use this opportunity to say Happy new year 2013 to all our fans, and workers, we wish you guy a grate year of achievements.... May this year bring your Dreams to Reality and most importantly good health. This year 2013, we shall proved you more service  and you shall reach round the world with us, if you are ready to work with us.
    We are planing move forward by providing you more service. Our new site will be ready this year and we shall add forum where you can communicate with others and testify our work.  Once again, HAPPY NEW YEAR 2013.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Buy cheap flight tickets with us.

Wow, do you know that Global flight ticket can be bought through globe made easy (gme)?  Ok now, i will explain how it works step by step:
  •  Contact us via email or phone
  •  Communicate with our operator or manager
  •  If you are sending us email, try to start the topic with  example: "Flight ticket to United state"  or " Flight ticket to Nigeria" then include the following :  
  1.    The schedule Time and date of  travel 
  2.     Your full name
  3.      Date of birth  and passport number
  4.     From point A to B (A where to take off and B the Arial point).
  •   Now our agent will reply you with the available ticket  and will recommend which one to travel with. Then if that suits you, you can call or reply the email for the main process to start.
  • The main deal is this, you will gain 30% of your main ticket money. How ?
  1. If for example you are traveling to Nigerian from Ukraine, that cost you $1200 or more, but with us, you will gain 30% which is $360 and the flight of two ways will cost you $840.
  2. If you are traveling from Ukraine to UK, the flight which cost between $500 or more, you will gain 30% of the amount.
Now, you see that you have the chances to travel where ever you wish???  We still have BONUS REWARD for does that will introduce there friends or bring clients to us.  For more information, contact us or post your comment here..

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