Marine And Offshore Insight: November 2017


Wednesday, November 1, 2017

10 Important Things To Check During Electro Hydraulic Crane Inspections

In most ships, you may find between one or more cranes installed to help in lifting cargo , hose , provision and among others.

Ships that mostly use Crane

• Dry Cargo Ships
• Bulk Carriers
• General Cargo Vessels
• Container Vessels
• Reefer Vessels
•  Ro-Ro Vessels
•  Liquid Cargo Ships
• Crude | Product Tankers
• Heavy-lift/Project Cargo Vessels
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What main purpose of hydraulic or electric crane onboard?

Hydraulic and/or electric Cranes are installed onboard ship to carry out havey duty lifting and lowering of loads by means of fixed wire ropes or wrap pins to lower or higher positions by derricks.
Generally, Cranes are basically classified by their method of operations ;

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