Tuesday, September 9, 2014


Question: New MARPOL regulations came into effect from July 93 stating that the oily water separator which was previously certified for 100 ppm be changed to?
 Answer: 15 ppm  

Question: You are on a vessel 15 nautical miles off the coast of Nigeria, West Africa. Are you allowed to dump food waste overboard?  
Answer: Yes, all kind of food waste can be dumped overboard

 Question: What must be done if the Oil Discharge Monitoring Equipment (ODME) should fail during a ballast voyage?
 Answer: All of the mentioned must be performed.  

Question: Are there any exceptions from OPA-90?  
Answer: Yes, transit passage through US waters to a non US port  

Question: In MARPOL 73/78 Reg. 10, the wording "Special Areas" is mentioned in connection with conventional oil tankers. What do you understand by this term?  
Answer: Special area is certain areas like Red Sea, Black Sea, Baltic Sea, Mediterranean, Gulf area, Antarctic area.

Question: You are on a vessel 10 nautical miles off the coast of Algeria, in the Mediterranean Sea. Are you allowed to dump food waste overboard? 
 Answer: No, food waste can not be dumped overboard.

Question: You are in the Baltic Sea which is a special area listed in ANNEX V of MARPOL. How many miles from land must you be to discharge ground rags, glass, and bottles into the sea? 
Answer: No Must be retained aboard 

The above questions are very important in MARPOL CONVENTION ,please do take your time to read all the questions via MARPOL LAWS.......

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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Engine and deck cadet needed - joining date Spetember 5th 2014

Following our effort to help the up coming maritime carriers, we wish to inform the deck and engine cadet vacancy, joining date is September  5th 2014, contract between 6/7 months , salary is 500 USD.
  Please if you are interested, Apply via  : for deck cadets (apply here) and for engine cadets (apply here). Note: click skip on top right and apply. Good luck and don't forget to follow our blog.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Where to get SSO or ISPS?

Are you looking for where to get or do your ship security officer course VI/6, VI/6-2, Or International ship and port facility security code course VI/5?, please contact us for direction on STCW recognize centers where you can get this certificates.  questions on which to do and ranking, please email us. All other questions, via forum or email.

Thursday, August 14, 2014


First Atantik Investment Group..(FIAG), we provide both students and people looking for job, short summer opportunity to travel to Germany to work. We need people for countries like: Ukraine, Nigeria, Ghana, Moldova, Georgia, etc.

Nature of work :
 Food and fruit processing
Duration of stay : four months.
Working condition : very moderate,with insurance policy cover.
Nationality : Open to all Ethnic nationalities.
 Incentive : very attractive.

   Work is expected to begin by First week of November. All interested applicant should forward the following document to the email below: 
1. Scan copy of International passport.
2. Scan copy of Birth certification
3. Scan photograph of 3,5 by 4,5 standard.
4. Scan Document confirming your permanent home/residential address.

 Note ,only the short listed candidates will be required to pay charges fees.
Contact: Anya Mikholavna, via  Email:  OR

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Ukraine Crisis To Foreign Students.

   Since Ukraine goes into crisis and following the Russia annexation of Crimea, many foreign students who are in the crisis state have been in very hard condition. In Crimea today, some students from Maritime universities ,institutions , medical university, etc have been in a high tension about insecurity in the state. These has lead some to transfer from Crimea to some other states in Ukraine , eg  Odessa, Kherison, Poltalvo, etc. 

 Following the fight in eastern Ukraine, we advice all the foreign students in Lugansk and Donetsk to kindly relocate till everything got better. In case some without money to leave, please contact your embassy or agency to help you on that.
  While leaving the area, please do not go to train station to wait for train, try to go the exact time of train to avoid kidnapping. eg some Nigerians were kidnapped at Lugansk train station on there way out of the city and they were taken to there camp and was used as slave(clearing for them, washing, carrying heavy objects etc) and after some days they released some and maybe will later release others. Please be careful, we hope God will intervene on the crisis to stop soon.

Ukraine use to have some of her revenue from foreign students, but this year have been very poor tune up of foreign students , hopeful she will still gain up to 15% out of 100% from education board.

Please for information on Ukrainian Invitations or any help, contact us via email.

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Summer holiday 2014 and student invitation

Happy new year to all our customers, readers, Friends, etc. It is our pleasure to publish this new package. Now we are introducing tourism/visits to any of the Ukrainian , Poland , Finland states.

 On the other hands, invitation into Maritime Academy/universities/institutions in Ukraine is now on.  Please check our contact page, to reach us for more information.

  For cadets, we have got many emails and applications, we hope to creat more vacancy on that, in other to have you guys fixed in. Try to also visit some recommended sites.

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