Sunday, April 24, 2016

3rd Engineer vacancy

Position : 3rd Engr Engineer
Sector : SeaGoing
Joining Location : Vships Manila
Vessel type : Chem Carrier
Vacancy opened : 2 March 2016
NB. referable holding valid US and Schengen visa

How to prepare marine diesel engine for starting!!

Marine Auxiliary Diesel engine is the heart of the ship,  therefore it's very important to have a professional personnel who can handle them well. 
What are the ways to handle them well?
On this article,  we are going to list the starting procedures which is one of the ways you manage the marine auxiliary engines better.
SKL Marine Diesel Engine

Before starting marine Auxiliary Diesel engine :
1. Check your starting air bottle and drain waters very well.
2. Some ships are provided with starting air line drain valve, check the air line drain valve open it  to drain condensed water, then close.
3. Check your lube oil level by the help of deep stick.  Maintain the level if low.
4. Open your fuel line,  check round for leakage.
5. Start your lube oil priming pump, check round for any leakage.
6.Open the indicator cock (if provided) and blow through(this is to remove any condensed waters in the cylinder)
7. Close indicator cock, check round for any object around the flywheel or rotating area,  then open starting air.
8. Press the starting button (as instructed by your ship manual) If not start after full revolution or more than two tries, close the air and check for fault.

After starting your Marin Auxiliary Diesel engine :
1. Put of the priming pump(if not in Auto)
2. Open your cooling water (if close)
2. Take round the engine and check for leakage, water temperature, lube oil temperature, exhaust temperature,  and sounds.
3. Run the engine for 5-10 minutes,  then synchronize engine to the running one.
4. Check all the parameters again and maintain the normal (see your engine instructions manual for more)
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Friday, April 15, 2016

Pollution, Global warming, others not in African's dictionary. See what happens after.

God bless Africa with a very good weather conditions, minerals resources,  etc.  But today,  due to improper handling of those resources and her environments,  it seems they are the poorest in the world.
In West African Maritime environment,  the rate of water and atmospheric pollution is very high in the sense that,  the poor once who make there daily earnings or feeds via fishing find it very hard to catch even one Kg of fish per day. 
There you can see many ships who do not use any oil separator or even use there seawage system plant.  To bring the count, 90% of ships in some West African countries pumps oil directly to the inland water ways,  at seaport,  oceans etc.  The question remains, " what are the authorities saying about these issues?"
To my own view,  I believe the authorities are part of the pollutions,  both by flaming gasses to the atmosphere,  pumping oily waters to the rivers and inland waters,  etc. in this case you will never blame or challenge any foreigner who also do the same.
The world today are fighting on global warming issues, but it seems negative and unconcerned to this part of the world. 
My idea is,  if they can reduce the rate of environmental pollution,  it will greatly save the future generations from being harm or face difficulties.  Say no to any form of environmental pollution,  save  the world and save your health. Take the proper procedures for your Discharges to water. 

Tuesday, April 12, 2016


Contract: 6 months
Would wide crew mix
Master — 5000 - 9000$
Ch Off — 4500 - 7200$
Ch Eng — 5000 - 9000$
2nd Eng — 4500 - 7200$
3rd Eng — 1300 - 2700$
AB — 1000$ - 1500$
Cook — 700 - 1500$
Motorman 1cl — 900 - 1500$
Electrician — 1300 - 4500$
This is from official website KSS-TRANS Crewing Agency
You can Apply here
This article is to help our readers, who are in search of sea job,  please visit and apply.  Received from Maritime connector. Hope it helps someone out there.

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Difference between telescopic and trunk marine engine

In present time, internal combustion engine (ICE)  play a greater key role in modern ships.

Marine engines are built for heavy-duty,  and thus have two different types which we will like to enlighten our readers.

1. Trunk Engine : this actually a steam  compatible engine developed for the propulsion of ships. This engine was built in such a way it reduced their overall length by placing the crosshead alongside the piston in the form of a hollow tubular trunk.

The name trunk was derived from the placement of the piston and connecting rod which links directly to the big end,  while the crosshead hold on with the piston with the help of Gudgeon pin..  Thus,  these are mainly use in four stroke engines.

2. Telescopic or crosshead type Engine : This is a type of engines use mostly in marine propulsion.  It is a heavy duty engine with height,  following the placement of it mechanisms. 

Telescopic or crosshead engines (see image), it's mainly comes in two strokes. thus, it connecting rod or con rod(1) connects the big end(2) and crosshead (3).  While the piston rod(4)which is attached to the piston crown(5),  links the piston to the crosshead.

The telescopic or crosshead type of engine has big advantage more than that of trunk,  because during reciprocating to rotary motion conversion ,  the crosshead joint helps in reducing the piston side wears.  So in crosshead,  you will hardly have port &  Starboard wears in your linner or piston the way it normally be in trunk engines.

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Friday, April 1, 2016

Four marriage factors a seafarer must consider while choosing a wife.

Seafarers job is a type of carrier whereby you may not see your wife or kids for some months... ; sometimes it happens that some seafarers do sail for long distance (one or two months) without mobile network or Internet to reach there families. In that case,  there is need for a seaman to carefully select woman to marry.

On this article, We are going to list some factors which seafarers must consider before marriage. ;

1. Love : the word "love" sometimes can be dynamic. In the early stages, it is sweeter than honey which may cause you and your partner not to know more about the future and nature of the environment(staying alone for months with you) .  So while in love, as a seafarer,  you must make sure you explain to your partner in detail about the nature of your job,  be sure she or he loves you.

2. Beauty/handsome : Everyone like to have his or her partner to be beautiful or handsome on the outer look,  but forgot that what makes up handsome man and beautiful woman are not only the outer look, but it involves the behavior of the person, understanding, trust,  patience, etc.  Therefore while choosing wife as a seafarer,  you must not consider the physical body look,  but first consider the inner side first,  because the inner side listed above does it all while you are offshore not the physical look. 

3. Home trained & management : As a seafarer, if you marry someone who lack home training or management skills,  you will end up working but zero efforts.  Women are very sensitive and can be change.  You need to make sure your partner have home train and can manage your home in your absence.

4. Fear of God : This point have it all,  if your partner have the fear of God in him or her,  then the number one and two points could have been included.  Meaning you will have her trained either by the help of your family members or your religion members, since you are not always at home to do that.

In conclusion,  you need to pray to God,  for the best partner. 

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