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25 Navigation exam question and answers you may like to know.

Below are 25 list of  passed Navigation  exam question and answers you will like to know. This can help your career exams, mainly for the deck officers. since no knowledge is for granted, i recommend engine officers to take time to study these questions, as you may come across them some day.

Ship Navigation
Ro - RO vessel

Q1 ) Rigging of the pilot ladder & embarkation/disembarkation of a pilot should be supervise by who?
A1) A responsible officer

Five Important ways to maintain pilot ladder to avoid accidents or loss of life at sea

Q2)  How often should operational checks on navigation equipment be done?
A2) Regularly, when preparing for sea & entering port.

Q3)  If possible a vessel’s position should be plotted by bearings of :
A3)  Fixed known objects on the shore

Q4)  Can RNC charts be used for voyage planning?
A4) Only in conjunction with paper charts

Q5) Can voyage planning be executed on ECDIS ?
A5) Only if approved by the flag state

Q6) What is important to check when transferring a position from GPS to a chart?
A6) Ensure that the chart and the GPS use same datum

Q7) When steering by autopilot, how often should manual steering be checked?
A7) At least once a watch

6 Things To Do During Preparation For Sea Voyage

Q8) Should recommended route information be used in conjunction with weather routing?
A8) The answer is YES

Q9) When using a buoy as an aid to navigation, what do we always need to considered?
A9) The buoy may not be in its charted position

Q10) When taking a compass error by amplitude in the higher latitudes when is the best time to take the bearing?
A10) The best time is to calculate the time of the sunset and then take the bearing

20 Deck Marine COC And Interview Questions + Answers You May Know.

Q11) In celestial navigation the angle measured westward from the first point of aries to the hour circle of the body along the celestial equator is known as what ?
A11)  Sidereal hour angle

Q12) What kind of information can be achieved from a NAVTEX?
A12) Navigational warning

Q13) What is a RSC ( rescue sub-centre)?
A13) A unit subordinate to a rescue co-ordinating centre.

Q14) When will we notice the effect of shallow water?
A14) When under keel clearance is 50% or less

Q15) You are to turn your vessel in a narrow canal by use of two tugs with the same power. The wind varies in the range moderate/strong. Where/how would you use the tugs?
A15) Pushing, made fast in the vessel

Q16) A ship is not turning around the center of gravity, but another point. What is the point called?
A16) Pivot point

Q17) You are about to pass another ship in a close situation. What can happen in this situation?
A17) Due to suction, the two ships will be sucked together 

Q18) Overshoot is an expression we use when talking about a ship’s steering ability. What is the best way to determine how the overshoot is on your ship? 
 A18) Do a 20/20 degrees zig-zag manoeuvre 

Q19) What is the correct definition of a bollard ?
A19) A remedy which the mooring lines are made fast

Q20) what is the correct definition of boat deck?
A20) The deck for the lifeboats.

Q21) You are approaching a port when you see three flashing red lights in a vertical line at the entrance. What does this indicate?
A21) Serious emergency – all vessels to stop or divert according to instructions

Q22) What is the fog signal for a vessel which is engaged in towing?
A22) One long blast followed by two short blasts at intervals of not more than two minutes.

Q23) What is the fog signal for vessel of more than 100 meters in length when at anchor?
A23) A rapid ringing of the bell forward followed by the gong aft for about 5 seconds at intervals of not more than 1 minute.

Q24) what is the fog signal for a vessel which is not under command ?
A24) One prolonged blast followed by two short blasts at intervals of not more than two minutes.

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20 Deck Marine COC And Interview Questions + Answers You May Know.

marine & offshore insight
 Maritime career been a profession in which everyone must attend exams to move to the upper rank, you need to always ready yourself on some questions that may arise during your exams or interviews.

  On this article, We will like to share some of the marine COC (Certificate Of Competency) or marine interview questions you will likely meet.

Q1) Can you use same common vapor line for sulphuric acid and Nitric acid ?
A1) The answer is "NO" this is because they are not compatible.

Q2) The lowest temperature at which a liquid will give off sufficient vapors to form a flammable  mixture with air should be identify as what?
A2) The flash point.

 Q3) The quantity of a cargo required to be carried in a type one ship should not exceed what level?
A3) It shouldn't exceed 1250 m3

Q4) Possibly your vessel get to pass through suez canal ,what is the status on suez canal pilots?
A4) The status is that pilotage is compulsory & the pilot is only the master's advisor

Q5) Your vessel is moving in panama canal waters, when must the master or representative be on the bridge?
A5) The master or his or her representative must be on bridge at all times.

Q6) Does most piracy attacks take place in international or territorial water?
A6) It is confirmed that most attacks take place in the territorial waters.

Q7) What is most important when transferring route plans to other Navigational systems ?
A7) Need that both systems use same chart datum

Q8) In navigation, what is the shortest distance between two points ?
A8) Great circle is the shortest distance of two points.

Q9) What is the purpose of the function Anti sea clutter on the radar ?
A9)  The purpose is to reduce reduce the sea echoes

Q10) When using a buoy as an aid to navigation, which of the following should always be considered
A10) We consider the buoy many not be in its charted position.

Q11)  When taking a compass error by amplitude in the higher latitudes, when is the right time to take the bearing?
A11) After calculating the time of the sunset, then take the bearing.

Q12) what kind of information can be achieved from a NAVTEX ?
A12) Navigational warning

Q13) What is the name of the IMO publication giving guidance in search and rescue operations at sea ?
A13) Publication called MERSAR

Q14) If you are a second deck officer onboard a vessel, during the night you have been in a collision with a sailing boat and saw there are no signs of life in the water, what will be your action?
A14) Without delay, you need to alarm the rescue center & commence searching for available survivors.

Q15)  What is the centre for overall co-ordination of rescue operations called?
A15) Rescue co-ordination centre.

Q16)  You are officer on watch an you received a distress signal from another ship/vessel, who should you first inform?
A16) You need to inform the nearest coastal radio station.

Q17) If you are a duty officer onboard a ship that was involved in a collision. what will your actions be following the collision ?
A17) You will make sure that your ship with the crews onboard are safe and then offer your assistance to the other ship involved.

Q18) During search and rescue operations, an aircraft crosses the wake of your vessel close astern at low altitude. As officer on duty, what does this indicate if the aircraft rocks its wings opens and closes the throttle or changes the propeller pitch?
A18) This signal indicates that your assistance is no longer required.

Q19) Name one of the methods used by an aircraft to attract a vessel's attention for participation in a rescue operation?
A19) She circle the vessel

Q20)  Your ship is making sternway of about 1.6 knots and your rudder is hard to starboard. will this have any effect on the ship's behavior?
A20) Yes , it will give the stern a lift force to starboard.


What is the search pattern system called where 1 ship and  1 aircraft are involved?

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