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5 important things seafarers must consider before bringing their wife onboard.

In shipping industries,  crews onborad are not allow to bring their family (wife)  onboard due to some certain reason,  but in the other hands,  some shipping companies do allow only the top 4 officers (Captain, Chief engineer, Chief mate, 2nd Engineer) to bring their wife onboard ship at Port or even sail with them.
Since life at sea is not eating bread & tea,  there's need to consider some points,  in other to avoid accidents or loss of life. On this article,  we are going to list at least five important things you need to consider while bringing your wife or family onboard.

1. SAFETY PRECAUTIONS : Since ship is not just a working place but also a floating object, in other to bring your family onboard,  you must make sure they understand the mean reason why they should follow all ship safety precautions,  while you need to take time to explain them one by one.

2. FOOD SELECTION : In many cases,  some people are very selective in terms of food and water.  This is actually due to there body system or recommendations from the doctor.  In this case,  as a seafarer who like to bring your wife onboard,  you must make sure she do not select food or waters... But if she does,  there's need to personal provide those things she likes to eat to avoid over stressing the cook onboard or putting other crews on inconvenience.

3. BODY REACTION : As I have mentioned earlier,  ship which is a floating vessel has another effects like sea water odor .  Not everybody's are comfortable with the sea odor therefore you must be sure that her body reactions to the sea odor is normal.

4. RESPONSIBLE  : Seafarers are very responsible fellow, therefore their wives must also be very responsible,  in other to meet up with the onboard behavior.  Otherwise you may loss your relationship while onboard.

5. DRESSING : Ship are mainly men who works on her,  therefore before your wife leaves home to ship,  she must know better on what type of dressing she must put on,  while onboard ship.  It has happened where captain was tempted with his chief mate wife dressing and got no option than to mess up the relationship.  So it is very important to take note.  Do not put other crews in temptation.
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What is the difference between purifier and clarifier?

In shipping industries,  we do make use fuel (bunker)  for propulsion and electric energy /power .  Since we are surrounded by water and our bunkers been saved in a tank surrounded by water too,  there's tendency of us having water and sludge into our fuel (bunkers).  On this article,  we are going to look into the difference between purifying and clarifying
How can we remove these waters?
In every ship,  purification plant are been installed and these plants are meant to separate water from fuel,  as well as impurities.
Now to explain more on the process, when two liquids of different densities are separated using a centrifuge, this equipment is known as a purifier, but when the same centrifuge is used to separate solid(sludge) impurities from the fuel, it is called a clarifier.
Actually a purifier also removes solids(sludge) from the fuel to some certain level , and a clarifier also removes water from the fuel, but it is advised to use both purifiers and clarifiers for complete purification of the fuel.
What is the Clarifier working process?
A clarifier works as a back up system if one feels that purifier has not completely removed dissolved solid impurities from the fuel.
What is the purifier working process?
Purifiers have a dam ring that works to create a line of separation between fuel and water. However, in clarifiers, instead of a dam ring, a sealing ring is used that prevents water and dissolved impurities to remains inside the bunker tank.
However, in our modern time,  these two processes are being installed in one plant, to create more free space in ship engine room.
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Difference between, 
Engr Emma,

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Know more about What STCW stands for and who needs it?

STCW stands for Standard Training Certification and Watching. It is a worldwide Maritime convention that ensures a lateral standard of training is achieved across all countries in the world. Let's take for instance you're  chief engineer from Africa, Europe, Asia or America, you will have to undergo similar training in accordance with the STCW convention. 

Documents required to become a seafarer or mariner

At the very minimum, you will need to obtain STCW Basic Courses in order to apply to work on a ship. These courses can usually be completed within a week or more - during one block booking - at a designated STCW training centre.  Check your country's Maritime board.

Who needs STCW?

STCW are obtainable for anyone wishing to work on commercial vessels that are over 24 metres long. You will have to obtain STCW qualifications/courses before they seek employment. The type of courses/qualifications you'll need will greatly depend on the position you're applying for and the post you'll be assigned to once you're on-board ship.

For Certificate of Competency ( COC)  course and where to get it

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Unique Problem Experienced on Man B&W Engine - Marine engineers

This article will mainly benefited by the marine engineers onboard. These are Unique experience gained from an engineer onboard,  which may likely happen to anyone too. 

This happened on MAM B&W 7S80MC, BHP:31920, Engine on nav full rpm 72. All of a sudden unit #1 stopped firing, exhaust temperature came down, temperature deviation increased engine slowed down.

At slow rpm still unit #1 was not firing. After some time stopped engine and again started, it became normal up to 72 rpm. All parameters including FO temperature & pressure was normal.

Few hours later again same problem happed, had to stop engine. Unit #1 fuel injectors replaced, fuel pump & VIT function checked, mixing column vent & drain checked, f.o. heater checked for any water presence but all found normal.
Engine started again & rpm maintained 60 and found normal. In this condition vsl crossed Gibraltar strait. After 3-4 hrs when vsl at open area in Atlantic, same problem came unit #1 stopped firing.
Engine stopped. Decided to check all units fuel valve, started from no.7, found normal, #6 found normal, when No.5 (Aft) injector lifted, body came up with broken edge and broken part with nozzle remain seized in the pocket. Some how managed to remove the broken part & new injector put in place and the problem solved.

Actually from #5 exhaust gas was entering to fuel oil return system through the cracked injector head and unit #1 was affecting first due gas lock inside the fuel pump. 

Reference : Abdullah (chief Engineer)


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