Marine And Offshore Insight: 6 Things To Do During Preparation For Sea Voyage


Tuesday, July 19, 2016

6 Things To Do During Preparation For Sea Voyage

A ship is used to denoted a vehicle employed to transport goods and persons from one poet to another over waters. In the world today, oil storage vessels which is use to carry products in bulk plays a major role in the oil and gas industries, also contributing in world energy growth.

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In this article ,  we are going to quickly list some important things ship crew should do during preparation of sea voyage, as it will also help the ship and her crew in reaching their port of call safely.   In preparation of sea voyage, the crew incharge need to follow below  produces  in other to meet up with the rule and regulations which also contribute to their safety :

1. All manifold and cargo holes : it's advice to blind flanges all the manifolds with fully bolted . This is to stop any line contents from flowing out due to the ship hogging and sagging . in the other hands all cargo holes or tank covers must remain fully close and tightened.

2. Cargo Samples : all cargo and bunker samples are to be stored safely in the designated sample store or box locker. in tankers and other ships, storage of flammable liquid are not advice to be kept in ship office or in the accommodation area, as this may cause fire.

3. Tank Alarms  : In tanker ship, it's advice to have the tank alarm systems switched off. This is due to hogging and sagging during sailing, as the cargo will always flow up and down. but note, other alarms should be on ( check your ship instruction book).

4. Hose and ropes : If time permits before casting off the jetty or anchorage, it's advice to make sure that all loading hoses and ropes are disconnected and kept in the proper position. In case of tanker ships, if the ship hose have been used, these hose should be cleaned and thereafter fitted with blind flanges. This will help in easy use, safe,etc during arrival to the next port.

5. Cargo holes closure and opening : Make sure that all tank and/or cargo hatches butterworth, etc.

6. P/V valves : The valve setting should be in accordance with C.O.F

  Photo from a ship crew.

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