Wednesday, July 22, 2015


    Many seafarers who got there Certificate Of Competence( COC ) in Ukraine maybe asking same question on " how many sea experience do i need as 3rd engineer, 2nd officer, chief mate and 2nd engineer to sit for upgrading exam?"

According Ukraine maritime transport, You are suppose to have at least 18 months sea experience before sitting for upgrade exam. And also note that since you have finish you academic course for above 2 years or more, you will most pass through "Qualification course" which will take up to 10 or more days in class.

For the people who will upgrade there COC between 2015 ......2019, you most have Engine team resources (For engine room department) and Bligh team resources (For deck departments), this also take almost Ten or more months in class..

Also Note that Tanker Familiarization  course has been changed: you can either do Oil and chemical tanker or Gas tanker course, etc. Please visit IMO website for the full text of the revised Convention and Code 


Sunday, July 5, 2015

Admission and invitation into ukraine universities

This to inform our blog subscribers and reader that, the admission to university maritime university,  Ukraine medical university, and others will close soon. Please note that all schools in Ukraine start 1st of September 2015, and lectures start same day.

For the people we sent admission and Invitation letter to, please try to meet up with the time above, because no lecturer will wait for you.

If you are Interested to study or wish to have some consultation regarding studying abroad, please email us @ 

Saturday, July 4, 2015


World wild, seafarer's hold a varieties of professions, which is been Govern by ranks, and each of these ranks, play a very high roles which carries unique responsibilities and integral to the successful operation of a seafaring vessel and to the safety of life and properties onboard. On this article, i will like to explain some of the key ranks and their duties.

   When we are talking about ranking in ship, we have three department,ie Bridge/Deck , Steward's  and Engine room. Deck officers are trained to handle the bridge and deck equipments, which their rank start from third officer, second officer, chief officer, and captain.
   >>In shipping, captain is always in charge of the ship in the terms of management level. He send information to the onshore management, Also make sure that all safety measures are been observed and In charge of navigation.
  >> Chief officer/ chief mate is the second in command in the deck department who help captain in cargo handling, and other documentation.
  >> Second mate helping chief mate in preparing document during loading and discharging, and make sure that all safety measures are been observed and give report to chief mate who will pass it to the captain.
 >>  Third mate, is in charge of all safety equipment, to make sure they are in place, updated and also head watch keeping during sailing and at port. In absent of the 3rd mate, 2nd mate take those responsibilities and give report to chief mate.

   Now the engine room department: Fourth engineer, Third engineer, second engineer, and chief engineer.
  >> Chief Engineer is the head of engine room department, he make sure that all safety measures, maintenance of all machineries   according to the company PMS  are been done, also send engine room reports to the onshore management(if not through captain , can send direct).
 >> Second Engineer is in charge on maintenance of the main engine PMS, and make sure that the third engineer maintain the auxiliaries machineries , then he give reports to the chief engine at the end of the day.
 >> Third Engineer who maintain the Auxiliary engine EMS/PMS , boiler (if any), and give report to second engineer.
 >> Four engineer who is in charge of compressor, purifier, bunker and engine room lines. he report to third engine or to second engineer.

Note: the above listed are just the basic duties and the steps or orderly ranking of the seafarers. also know that in case of the next rank absence, others most perform the there duties perfectly. All of the above listed ranks are all in charge of watch keeping. but in terms of 3rd mate and 4th engineer, the top rank(eg: chief engineer and captain ) are always on there assistance during sailing.
If you have more to add, you can comment bellow, to help educate the young seafarers.

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