Friday, January 27, 2017

To work on board tanker vessel as Engineer Officer ;

Here is requirements according to the new law as amended 2010:

CDC (In good order, without Damage, Should be endorsed with ILO stamp)

Yellow Fever



Chem DCE

Gas DCE (if on gas tanker) 

PST (as per STCW 2010)

PSCRB (as per STCW 2010)

AFF (as per STCW 2010)

MFA (as per STCW 2010)

Medical Care (For Masters) (as per STCW 2010)

PSSR (as per STCW 2010)

SSO (Mandatory for Senior Deck Officers) (as per STCW 2010) or CPSDSD (as per STCW 2010)

TASCO (Specialised Tanker training OIL)

CHEMCO (Specialised Tanker training CHEM)

Engine Room Management

Flag State Docs

Medical (ILO, D/A, LFT, FLAG Mediclas)

Passport (With at least 6 Blank pages, machine readable, no handwritten and no 20 yrs. validity)

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Important Points To Note About Gas testing Equipments on tanker Ships And Enclose space entry

Explosimeter  Equipment

The Explosimeter is the name normally associated with the instrument for measuring hydrocarbon gas in air at concentrations below the Lower Flammable Limit. Its full name is a Catalytic Filament Combustible Gas Indicator.

A full understanding of the construction and principle of an Explosimeter is essential for its safe and efficient use and it is essential that any person using this instrument carefully studies the operating manual. There is also a detailed explanation in the ISGOTT carried on tankers.

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The Explosimeter measures from 0 to 100% of the Lower Explosive Limit (1.4% by volume). If the gas to air mixture is above the upper explosive limit (6% by volume) the meter reading will initially rise to give a reading of 100% or above, but will rapidly fall towards zero because the mixture of gas and air in the combustion chamber is too `rich' to sustain combustion.

The meter must therefore be constantly observed for this phenomenon, as an apparently safe reading may be obtained when the atmosphere is in fact highly dangerous.

Calibration checks must be carried out at two monthly intervals and when a filament has been changed in accordance with manufacturers’ instructions. Note that, in general, an explosimeter may be calibrated by different gases. It is essential that the correct gas is used otherwise an error may result. Explosimeters will not read hydrocarbon levels in an inert atmosphere.

Oxygen Analyzer Equipment's 

According to the new law, all ships are to be supplied with a portable oxygen analyser. This equipment is supplied for use in checking that spaces to be entered have been properly ventilated. It is also to be used on Tankers, Gas Ships and Chemical Carriers to check that the atmosphere of inerted tanks remains below 7%.

Two tests should be carried out on the instrument prior to use and a permanent record of readings kept on board.

(i) Zero Adjustment

This is done by using an oxygen-free gas, such as Nitrogen or Carbon Dioxide. Equipment is supplied for this test. Note that CO2 is paramagnetic and therefore may not give a zero reading on certain instruments.

(ii) Span Adjustment

This must be done in FRESH AIR and the instrument carefully checked that the reading has stabilised at 21% before the atmosphere of any space is tested.

The maker’s instructions for the particular instrument should be followed carefully to ensure that calibration procedures are correctly carried out. Calibration checks must be carried out every two months.

Saturday, January 7, 2017

SETS 6000 - Splendid program for the training and assessment of seafarers

marine and offshore insight
Sets 6000

SETS 6000   > This is a Competence Evaluation System.  Splendid program for the training and assessment of seafarers, as well as used as a teaching system. Version 6000 is a powerful computer-based testing program. 

Sets 6000 Answer

SETS 6000 >  has a large set of database with more than 6,000 multiple-choice questions. Questions are divided by the STCW certain levels of management, operation and maintenance, which in turn are divided into subject areas ,covering each according to it naval competence.





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