Marine And Offshore Insight: Five Important ways to maintain pilot ladder to avoid accidents or loss of life at sea


Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Five Important ways to maintain pilot ladder to avoid accidents or loss of life at sea

What is Pilot ladder and it functions?
Ship Pilot ladder
Pilot ladder : This consist of a rope  ladder which constructed to  overseeing authorities, statutory requirements  ,which  it length comes from the main deck to the water line.  Pilot Ladders remain the most efficient way for pilots , other ship visitors to board vessel while at sea, on motion and even though this is a simple process improper to give rise to claims . i.e. serious injuries to pilots occasionally resulting in death.

                           Why pilots need to board the ship?
Pilots are required onboard the ship while the ship approaches to an unknown channels,  thereby pilots are to assist the captain in manoeuvering   the vessel across the channel and other critical areas.

                                                 Ways to maintain pilot ladders ? 
To reduce the accidents involving in pilot ladders, the ship crew most always follow below steps , to maintain the pilot ladder :
     - Inspections : ship crew or chief mate who is in charge of the deck most make sure that the pilot ladders are inspected and  kept very well (Planned maintenance ).
     - Defective Ropes and/or steps :  In many case, this point causes the highest accident , which always lead to death. Therefore, ship crew most pay very good attention to it, always check for the rope strength, defective  steps and try to change them.
      - Excessive freeboards :  sometimes, pilots board the ship in excessive freeboard, which need to extend the length of the ladder, in other to reach to the pilot boat, this is case, we most be careful while combining the ladders. ( or we can use a combination of the ship’s gangway and the pilot ladder) .
    - Observations:  failure to notice deterioration of the natural fiber ropes used in the pilot ladder construction or broken/torn chocks used to support the ladder steps can cause the ladder to give ways or cut under stress. 

    - Records : it is very imperative that the pilot ladders certification , periodic inspections, reports and most important records are very maintained on board by ship crews . this records most details the actual condition of the pilotladders.

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